MechaCon Anime Convetion 2014

Well we just got back from an amazing weekend at MechaCon X in New Orleans Louisiana. This year was MechaCon’s tenth year! They are Louisiana’s biggest Anime Convention. They also draw in much more than anime cosplayers. Lots of Video Game and Comic Book cosplayers too. This year it was all about Teen Titans GO! with special guests the voice actors of the show and legendary DC Animated film voice director Andrea Romano who we have an exclusive interview with! We also have an exclusive interview with the band Eien Strife as well. The weekend was full of amazing experiences. Anime Secrets and Rogue Pixels Photography partnered together to bring MechaCon a professional studio photo booth. It was such a huge success! We met so many great people this weekend and made new friends. We are so happy and thankful for everyone who came to the booth and got their photos taken. Thank you so much! Hope everyone enjoyed the convention as much as we did! Here’s a few sneak peek photos of what to expect! Stay tuned!

Hogwarts Newest Littlest Student

A little sneak peek into my session with this cutie pie. Sylvia is such a precious little thing. I look forward to watching her grow. I’d like to thank Laura Ducros for the Gryffindor beanie and scarf used in this session. You can click here to like her Facebook page  and check out her Etsy store  at Stars and Spikes too for more handcrafted goods. If you have not done so already Please Like our Facebook page to stay updated with sessions and events. Thank you for viewing!!!

Jamie and Tyra Engagement Sneak Peek